The Whale Torpedo-Dog toy review

Hey there, Green Paw here.

I told you I was going to review the whale torpedo.  I was hoping it was going to be a little bit later in the week or maybe in the month… However, after just three days… lets just say I will explain in a moment.

I was walking through a pet store when my eyes caught onto a picture of a dog wearing 3-d glasses, under that was a large funny looking fish (or whale).  It has all the colors a dog can see: Yellow, blue with funky shapes.  The body of the toy is nice and pudgy, which then leads to a thinner tail. At the end of the tail is three separate fins.

The back of the packaging explained what colors dogs  can see, and the reason behind using the colors on the toy is so dogs will play with the toy more than usual (supposedly).  While yes, my dogs fell in love with the toy, which  is a bonus, it isn’t so much a bonus for the toy.

Little bit more info on the toy:

The toy is from HIGH VIZ technology, sadly made in China however….  As I was checking  on their company online site, I noticed the one thing I have been trying to stay away from.  “The Dog Whisperer” aka Caesar Millan.  There is a reason why I try to stay away from this dog trainer and ALL of his products which will be also talked about later on in the Green Paw.  On that note I would like to mention if you are going to follow any “Dog Whisperer”, please look up Paul Owens, the original Dog Whisperer.  Ok, time to get back on track….


While at first I did not know that info about who the company supports,  I decided I would let the dogs play with the toy, after all I already had  paid for it.

Within in the first hour or so of the dogs picking it up, tossing it between each other, the white color on the whale had already turn dirty looking (this was inside as well) so the fabric of this toy picks up dirt, dust you name it, it will find it.  I shrugged it off ok not a biggie, it was bound to get dirty sooner or later.  While my oldest Golden grabbed a hold of one end the youngest tugged on the other. It began to stretch.  Oddly enough the toy itself did not break.  “At the moment I thought what a great toy, maybe this one will be worthy of the two paws up or more.”

The next day my youngest Golden picked it up and was carrying it around, soon she sat down.  I only took my eyes off her for about four minutes as I was working on my computer.  As I checked in with her I noticed the toy was on the ground however, something yellow was sticking out of her mouth!  It was one of the three fins, which sewing had come undone and off of the whale.

I quickly picked up the toy and the fin, eyed the toy itself, “well… no stuffing is out of the toy”, and it seems the fins themselves were not filled with any stuffing.

At this point I just threw out the one lonely fin, and on the third day allowed some play time with their friend the whale.  Both Goldens were playing and chasing each other around till my oldest decided she was ready to take a break.  Nyssa, the youngest, laid down cuddling with the toy…Another 20 minutes later both dogs had gotten up and headed to the door to be let out…there on the ground laid the Whale, and its little fishy guts spilling out from where the tail meets the body.  This however had stuffing, thus ends the tale (haha) of the Whale torpedo…  The poor thing didn’t even make it to the water testing as it states it can float…

Over all score:


toughness: o

Price: (was around 14 however, should have been very less with how it was made)

Buy again: 0 Paws

Long term toy: 0 Paws (unless you are a millionaire who can buy these ever other day, do not try it)

While the idea of this toy was great, and using colors that would keep a dog into the toy, there is still a lot that needs to be redone on this toy.  If you are just looking for a stuff toy for your bed, this one would be for you just don’t let your furry family member play with it.

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-How long has it last?
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