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Nyssa is a English cream Golden.  She helps out her mother during dog training in aggression cases as well as a demo dog.  She also helps with educational sessions with young children.  Before her emergency she was learning how to work along side her mother during a massage session to help out clients who are in physical and mental pain.  Any amount would help out and even sharing would help as well.
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How to Train your Dragon 2… Educating future generations to change the treatment of dogs

how-to-train-your-dragon-2-poster1-690x1024Often times we go to animated films and expect some form of a lesson for all who is watching the movie.  It is often a lesson of being brave, heroic and most of all never to give up.  I was surprised that there was a hidden message for the children to see and hopefully pick up and use throughout their life.  As I started to watch the movie my dog trainer feelers started to twitch.  The dragons all started to show different behaviors we often see in our K-9 friends.  This range from paw lifts, lowering head, the need to please their human, tail chases, sniffing other dragons in certain places and so on.  While it was cute they related k-9s to the dragons there was also something else developing.  It was how the characters of the village trained their dragons.  There was even talks about the “alpha” which now we know is outdated for even wolves let along dogs.

81AjuXCw9UL._SL1500_We see the village has grown and accepted the dragons, and in turn they taught the dragons how to work and live along side the humans.  No force was used and all Positive reinforcement was used by the village folks.  We ended up seeing is what most Positive Reinforcement trainers see, the fact the dragons enjoyed working for their human side kicks.  It was also true that the dragons work harder and longer for the people of the village. The village people often used food or even play for the dragons to keep them motivated and to let them know they were doing something right thus increasing the desired behavior.   The movie was showing people that you do not have to rough up your dragon which could easily be symbolic for dogs.   By working along with the dragons and educating them what was needed or wanted it allowed for a stable relationship between the humans and the dragons.

httyd  I was happy to see so far in the movie it was more up to date training methods.  However, what really almost shot me out of my seat was when the bad guy of the second movie appeared and how he “Trained” his dragons.  It was at that point my skin crawled and a few t.v trainers popped into my head as I watched him interact with the dragons he had under his control.  We saw a huge tone change as the bad guy (Drago Bludvist) enter the scene as he was gathering up all dragons to create a dragon army.


Needless to say his methods of controlling and training a dragon was that of Dominance and a use of an Alpha to try to control all other dragons.   He used methods such as kicking, using his staff on dragons, and even stepping on a dragon’s face to make it clear that he was the dominant animal.  We watch as he steps on one dragon’s nose, only to have the dragon literally shut down in front of our eyes (learned helplessness).  It was at this point the dragon gave up, as these forceful methods were used.  We also saw him hiss, and at times growl at the dragons to make sure that they all believe he was the top dog err dragon that is.    While his dragons “worked” you could tell there was something missing, it wasn’t that they wanted to work more that they had the fear of god in them.  After all he was called the “Dragon god”, very close to a certain dog whisperer as his methods played out.  In the end we all knew what was going to come about working your animal to the ground and not teaching them what you want from him.  Bullying only goes so far in the training world and often times blows up in a lot of human faces.  A good chunk of my training time is often to help owners move away from these outdated methods often times they come when the damage has already been done, and we spend a long time just trying to get their dogs back to normal working creature.

Screen-Shot-2014-04-10-at-4.38.56-PMBy the end of the movie, we see which bonds are closer, which group is willing to work harder for each other.  And at the end just like any movie the bad guy is defeated and the normal life can continue to go on in the village.  I am just happy that the movie could take a little life lesson that all Positive reinforcement trainers know and that science knows to be true and help educate the future generations.  We do not need fear, physical punishment, intimidation to get the behaviors we want.  We know our dogs or dragons are working hard because they want to- not because they are afraid of the outcome if they do not do something correct.  We do not need dogs who have develop learned helplessness and shut down to learning we crave dogs who are looking to learn and are exited to learn and most of all  we our bonds with the dogs we work with to stay intact and often times even stronger than what they were before.

So thank you dreamworks for the work you did in this movie, not even sure if you realize what all the lessons you had in your story world but they were great ones.

Responsible Dog Owners- We all need to play a part

Spirit of the Okami Responsible Dog Owners 101 – Out in Public


Often, I tell dog owners that we need to make sure we are responsible. As dog owner’s we have little rights, and pleasures we can take part in with our dogs are few for now. Here are some common things that all dog owners should go over and remember.

 Out for a walk: Do I have extra poop bags- It’s the law. If your dog poops on your walk clean it up and make sure you have extra bags, seeing some dogs poop multiple times in one walk. If you see someone else’s poop and have extra room in your poop bag, PICK IT UP. It may not be yours, but it will be you and the rest of us who lose rights to walk in that area with our dog if not maintained. Poop from a sick dog can and will pass onto a healthy dog, and the sickness can last up to 9 months! Keep your area clean and keep your dog’s healthy.. Give a woof and clean up after you and your dog!

Leashing your dog: Many things can happen with an off leash dog. Unwanted confrontations with pedestrians, children, other dogs, or other animals are on the list, and they may all not end that pleasant. In addition, if you have your dog off leash and he/she is running around, you may not see where he or she is pooping or control where they are peeing. Example of this: we as dog owners may not be welcome to walk through Concord cemetery’s due to owners letting their dogs off leash and letting them pee/poop on grave stones, and all the while not pick it up! This has already happened for beaches in N.H. We can’t even take our dogs to some of the best beaches! Keep an eye on your dog, and keep him or her leashed at ALL times.

Everyone loves your dog: This is not always the case. Having a leash will make sure your dog doesn’t jump up on people, but if your dog is in training you may want to ask people not to touch your dog! This will protect your dog if he/she is afraid of other humans and also train your dog that they don’t need attention from every human being. Some people also really don’t understand the dog language and your dog may not want to be touched at that time. Stick up for your dog, and do not worry what others may think when you ask them not to touch.

 My Dog loves every dog: Far from it, while your dog may get along with many others, there will be some dogs that yours just doesn’t feel right around. Learn your dog’s body language heck learn what they are trying to tell you dogs have their own language and many dog owners do not look into this.. This leads to fights that could have been avoided!

 Fix or not to Fix: It doesn’t hurt to fix your dog, for a variety of reasons. But if you’re a dog owner who wishes to keep your dog how he or she was born, you need to be responsible!! Your dog should never be left alone in public, and a female in heat should NEVER be off leash. You don’t want your dog coming home pregnant!

The Kong Wobba

Yes, I know this post is late… and I am sorry for that.  First of all I had to do more testing on the wobba.  This time around I had gotten two toys, each for one dog.  I can face it… my dog Nyssa is a Diva, and she demands her own of everything.  On top of that I had a loss the in the family which is why I did not post the other night like I was planning onto.  Any who, on with the show as they say.

The Kong Wobba is made of two Balls; yes that is right two balls.  One is a large white while the other is a tennis ball.  How could I know without pulling it apart, well I will get to that in a little bit.  Like I said before I had gotten two, Mr. Pink and Mr. Purple.  Everything was going well with the toys each dog would take turns pulling on the tentacles as the other pulled on the top… Sometimes I would catch them sleeping with their wobbas.  One day I went out for work, Aya with her Mr. Pink had it in her mouth as she was saying goodbye.  By the time I had returned home I had found Mr. Pink fur covering ripped open. Oddly enough it wasn’t the fur itself she managed to open however, right around the label that the company had placed on the toy itself.  I then started to do a little cut here and there to find out that even though wobble Pink was gone his spirit or balls could live on.  Both balls are still in use, and Mr. Purple is still going strong.  I honestly do not know if there was a defect with Mr. Pink the reason why I say this is because both Nyssa and Aya both really beat on Mr. Purple.  I can even join in on a bit of a tug of war between my two dogs and myself and it still doesn’t seem to bust open.

            Would I say go for the wobbas… It’s a 50/50 chance really… So far it has been a good five months with these Wobbas and at least one is still going strong.  On top of it what I like about these toys is even when the dog breaks into them they are still a lot safer than your normal stuffing toys.

Rating 1-4 paws

 Up for safety

 Up for life of the toy (mainly because one of the two has R.I.P)

Up for price (depending on the size you get)

 Up for play time (My dogs still go back to the Wobba)

½ Up Overall rating

Keep a look out on 9/26/2010 Spirit of the Okami will be at the SPCA Walk for the Animals in Concord NH.  Feel free to stop by ask me some questions.  Put your question of the month in the jar as well as a chance to win free two in home classes with the Aya Bundle.

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How to be a responsible dog owners

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Why do we have to clean up after our pets

The Dog Father–” The Perfect Dog” Or as I call it -The Perfect lie

No, do not worry I will not keep yacking or talking trash about other dog trainers though out this blog.  However, when I did see his ad on tv (ran close to 24 hours on one station), it was clear that there are a few things that need to be said.  While yes I understand to sell your items you may want to bash other ways of training there is however, a way to make your training look good without telling a lie.  Believe me, do not believe EVERYTHING you see on T.V, most of the time the people who are selling these items are just wanting to make a fast buck.  It amazes me how negative dog trainers are forceful in their adverting, while you have a better ways of training and the positive trainers aren’t in your face 24-7.

First of all the so-called “Dog Father” is working on out dated ways of teaching a dog, he is one of a few trainers who just really do not want to learn anything new.  To these trainers, scaring or hurting your dog to get the behavior you want quickly and fast is better than taking the time and doing it the right way.  But, let us forget and not mention the mental and physical damage you are causing your dog…

Dog Father: ” The Command Collar® is NOT an electronic collar, shock collar, or noise emitting collar. It is manually operated and it is simply designed to emulate a mother dog’s natural corrective process.”


This is no longer true, it has even been proven in wolves in the wild.  The mother dog or the alpha dog does not bite down with ANY pressure on another dog’s neck.  What happens is a muzzle( or neck) touch, and when I mean touch it is lightly done, and the lower ranking dog rolls onto  his or her back on his or her OWN, without force (or quickly stops the behavior).  The other dog will also get up (if the pup is nipping hard) and walk away from the pup who is causing trouble.  Thus not rewarding the behavior with ANYTHING negative or positive.  They see the more aggressive version that he speaks of when its wolves trap in a zoo area, with little land and free range food for the pack.

Dog Father:” The Command Collar® is NOT an electronic collar, shock collar, or noise emitting collar.”

False:  While yes, it is not an electronic collar/shock (By the way same thing) or noise collar this collar is just ANOTHER version of a prong collar.  It causes pressure on the neck which can easily lead to neck issues, eye sight issues, back issues, as well as even causing blood clots and strokes.  Yes this has happened and does happen all the time.  Sadly while our dogs are trying to please us they can not stand up and state “hey this is hurting”…  Let us remember dogs are not our slaves and should not be treated as slaves… THEY are living breathing beings which means they have nerves, blood vessels and muscles that can be damage by these types of collars…  Lets put it this way… would you want  a school to start using prong collars on your kids??  “Well, little Billy was talking with a classmate so I gave a quick pull on his prong collar…he doesn’t speak anymore and don’t worry those buses will heal…”  Yeah, I didn’t think you would want to see schools doing this to human children, why should we be doing this to dogs.  Who by the way have been proven to at least have the metal status of a toddler.

Dog Father: “No more use of fatty treats, that do not train your dog to respect you!”

FALSE:  Reward based training… ok I have had many questions about this… A good positive reinforcement trainer will right off the bat tell you that treats are not ment to be used as a life long thing.  The treat size you should be giving your dog as a reward should only be the size of a pea.  No bigger, you can even go smaller as well if need be, and on top of that treats are shortly phased out of the dogs training( Let us not forget some dogs are not even food motivated, this leads to other rewards such as: Pets, toys, and even sometimes walks).  They are only there to first reinforce the behavior you want and are soon replaced with voice praised and rubs, or even a toss of a toy.  None of the dogs I have trained have gotten “Fat” and my own dogs are all very fit and lean.  Most of the time a reason why a dog is gaining a lot of weight is he or she is getting the wrong type of food for that time in their life.

I also didn’t know you had to cause pain and rough up any living being to earn his or her’s respect  I guess Ghandi really did a beat down with anyone who did not see eye to eye with him…

Even the vet association is speaking out and stating it is time to get away from the negative training , for the betterment for the dogs health, and treatment of the dogs.  Some countries are even banning these collars (prong,choke,shock and so on), myself I hope to see the USA to catch up with these other countries.  Many countries will even fine you thousands of dollars  if the collar is even found in your home.  Humans need to learn that not everything has to be instant. It’s important to put the work into making a better dog.  Why are humans so in need of causing pain to get what they want? It’s a sad fact, and I think we need to start looking at ourselves and what we are doing to another living being and ask why do we need to use painful methods even though there are better ones out there.

Dog Father: “Will even stop aggression!”

False:  This doesn’t stop it, but instead covers it up… which can lead to bigger issues down the road.  Your dog, when he or she is being aggressive,  gives you signs before the aggressioon occurs.  You start pulling on his or her neck using aggression you are just cause the dog to stop all the signs and will one day snap and this leads to the common saying “There was NO signs or warnings”. Yes…yes, there was however, you did not train yourself to see it and you just trained your dog to turn off his or her warning signs.  “Aggression against aggression is only going to cause more aggression.”   To put it in a picture we could all understand as humans:  a woman was beaten every day of her married life, one time her husband came home from a bad day and decide he would take it out on her.  This time however, the wife with her kitchen knife in hand killed her husband.”  Aggression was brought out in this woman who  might have easily been a mellow person, however was pushed her to the edge.

I have seen owners place prong, and shock collars on their dogs to “Stop them from growling or going after people or other dogs”.  I have then seen those dogs at the fence collar wise and growling soft enough so the collar does not go off, and some dogs didn’t even care about the highest setting.  After all they are now thinking the pain the collar is giving them is from the thing they are looking at… So its best to kill whatever, is causing that pain.

So before you throw on that easy collar of pain wether it be shock, prong, sound, spray think about this… Would you want this on you all day or when you go out of the house… Some say I test out the shock collar it doesn’t hurt me… Well, why don’t we up the shock to the point it would feel like what the dog would feel it meaning, the shock maybe low for humans however, for a dog it is very painful, if it wasn’t why wouldn’t they just keep on going…  Just think about it this way, do I want to be that type of person who is so lazy that I want the quick way out insted of putting the time and CARE into the dog who is a family member that I would put into a human child.  And if you are the type of person who says that he or she doesn’t have the time to put into the training, maybe its time to find the dog a new home, after all they aren’t just  a tv or a game- they are in fact a living being with feelings, and needs.

Websites you may want to read more about:

Prong collar”They do not cause any harm” haha yeah sure… here is a light pull to med pull:

I have even seen dogs with black and blues all over their neck from these.  And by the way can you say mid evil much, I think as a whole the human race could do a little bit better than using something like this.

Till next time -Green Paw-

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