In home house sitting- The better rout to go?

Spirit of the Okmai ended up adding in home house sitting for dogs as well as other pets for the last six years.  This allows pet parents to have a even greater ease of mind when they go away for vacation or any other trips.


The days where Pet parents feel safe about sending their pets away to kennels have ended as more speak out about the treatment that has been given to their pets while they are away. Treatment such as bark collars armed with shock or spray placed on a pet that would have never had this done to them in their own home.


Jennifer worked for one Kennel in which the owner painted a wonderful vacation spot for dogs.  Jennifer soon quit when she found out the owner of the business even after she told Jennifer that she didn’t use such collars started to place these collars onto dogs.  Many which were highly stressed while being away from home.  These collars would go off as the other dogs in the kennel barked.  Meaning the poor dog with the collar on was getting shocked or sprayed for doing nothing.


The owner of this kennel did not tell the pet parents that these collars where used to keep the dogs from barking.  And often would tell owners’ their dogs may act out of it but it was only due to the playing that had occurred during their stay.

What really had happened was the dog had shut down from the traumatizing stay at this kennel.  We are not saying all kennels do this but, when you drop your furry family member off you never know what could happen.  This owner of the kennel would even take the pet parents on a tour however, never opened the closets where she stored the collars.


With in home care you do not have to worry about:

Shock collars

Prong collars

Dog bites

A dog who is stressed from being left alone and then placed in a different place to stay

Sickness such as pink eye kennel cough and even worms

Another client used to get her dogs home only to find out their dogs had pink eye.  This was due to the fact that any dog could really go to the kennel as long as their basic shots where up to date.


News reports are popping up even more so throughout the last couple of years.  One video is below:




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