Quick info on clicker training.

  • Clicker training was first used for
    dolphins.  By using the clicker the
    trainers soon realized that they could give a clear answer to the animals when
    they did something right.  As time went
    on dog trainers picked up clicker training and used it side by side with
    positive reinforcement.
  • Clicker training is normally paired
    with a reward.  This reward may be
    treats, toys, or praise (something that the dog holds at great value).  The dog must then think their way through the
    problem and offer a behavior to the trainer/owner.  If the dog offers the correct behavior the
    trainer will click, telling the dog that it was the right behavior and then
    rewards the dog.  If the dog does the
    wrong behavior the dog is not physically punished.  The punishment in clicker training is not
    gaining the reward.  Using this type of
    training method allows the dog to use its own brain power, and to learn without
    living in fear or pain.
  • As the dog learns and remembers the
    education given through the clicker training, it is time to remove the clicker
    and treats.  The dog will then keep on
    working for a reward but it is now for praise and a happy owner.

Clicker training can offer a fast and reliable training
method that is humane.  It also allows
the Owner and the dog to have a healthy relationship as they work for a better
education.  It allows humans and dogs to
have a language that they both can understand.   


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