Hello world! The Green Paw is open and ready to bark!


First of all welcome to The Green Paw, I hope on this blog I will be able to help my customers as well as help those who are looking for any info about dogs.  This could be from training, or even the best toys that are out there, I will even try to review some health products as well as dog foods.  Most of all as my blog states, I am more on the green side of caring for dog that also ties into my training which is  positive reinforcement.  I do not believe in the use of harsh punishment as it only leads to a very unhealthy bond between pet parent and dog.


My own dog pack as of now has two wonderful Goldens, Aya and Nyssa.  They are also known as the Angry Puppy and the Puppy of Doom.   I am sure I will have many stories to share with fellow Dog parents.  So you as the pet parent  know that you are not alone on this road of doggy parent life.






A little info about myself..  I finish Animal Behavior College for dog training however, before that I used to train different breeds of dogs for friends and family (not to mention myself).  In the near future I plan on not only gaining status as a K-9 massage therapist but, also a PhD in Animal Behavior.  I have always had an open heart for dogs, and would love to see the USA start catching up to a lot of other countries who have open their arms and life to a better way of living for “Man’s Best Friend.”


In today’s world there is no need for the old ways of training a dog with fear and dominance, and new studies show even with wolf packs out in the wild it isn’t all about who can rough up who the most with alpha rolls, and biting down(choke collars)  on the neck.  So please, keep an open mind and I will try to bring you new ideas from different studies, and from my own experience as a dog trainer.


And hey, if you are in the New Hampshire area, feel free to check out my website www.spiritoftheokami.com


“It is time for humans to be humane to who they call “Man’s Best Friend.”  It is time to throw away the shock, choke, burning sprays, and all forms of anger and aggression and look towards a more positive way of training and care for our best friends.”
~Jennifer Williams~
Next time on The Green Paw….
High Viz Technology-  WHALE TORPEDO
-Do dog really love it?
-What the heck is it?
-Can it stand up to the test of two dogs?
-floating in water… we will see..
-How long has it last?
– How many paws up!

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